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  • Share Plate Menu

    Come down and taste the difference

    Small Share Plates


    Chorizo & Cheese Fundido

    hickory corn chips


    Ancho Duck

    smoked avocado, pickled onions & duck skin crumb


    Smoked Chicken Wings

    habanero pebre, adobo


    Cold Smoked Salmon Tartare

    fingerlime, dehydrated onion & lavosh


    Pan Fried Chicken Livers

    jamon, onions, sherry, parsley & baguette


    Coconut Moqueca

    soft shell crab, mussels & charred lime


    Wood Roasted Bone Marrow

    piquillo peppers & charred rye toast


    Chargrilled Squid & Chorizo

    pickled onion, smoked chilli & chicharron


    Pan Fried Brussel Sprouts

    charred onions, red chilli, jamon, mushrooms & aji butter


    Chilli Braised Pork Cheek

    smoked potato mash, pickled chilli & crispy kale


    Chargrilled Lamb Shoulder Cutlet

    fennel, mint & jalapeño salsa


    Spring Bay Mussels

    jamon, aji amarillo butter & coriander


    Large Share Plates


    BBQ Smoked Chicken

    tomato chilli salsa & crispy potato skins


    Chargrilled Mapuche Pork Scotch

    roasted peach & chilli salsa, tortilla


    Cumin Roasted Lamb Ribs

    salsa vizcaina


    Chargrilled Beef Tomahawk

    chimichurri & spiced sweet potato chips




    Dalce de Leche Chocotorta

    steamed meringue & sweeten sour cream


    Chocolate Chilli

    oaxaca sponge & roasted chocolate gel


    Cacao Mousse

    pithy cactus gel, berries & bitter chocolate


    Manchego Cheese (40gms)

    quince jelly & sesame chipa bread


    Late Night Menu


    Fried Popcorn Chicken

    fermented chilli vinegar


    Chorizo & Cheese Fundido

    hickory corn chips



    chorizo sausage, chili de agua, chimmichurri


    Smoked Chicken Wingettes

    pico de gallo and habenero pebre


    Corn & Jalapeño Cheese Croquettes

    Serrano Salt


    Crispy Potato Skins

    smoked chilli romesco


    Buttermilk Fish Tacos

    apple fennel slaw, chipotle mayo


    Wood Roasted Bone Marrow

    piquillo peppers & charred rye bread


    Manchego Cheese (40gms)

    quince jelly and sesame chipa bread


    Dips & Hickory Chips

    black bean chipotle hummus & pico de gallo


    Vegetarian Menu


    Jalapeño & Cheese Fundido

    hickory corn chips


    Vegetarian Tacos

    seasonal spiced vegetables


    Pan Fried Brussel Sprouts

    charred onion, red chilli, mushrooms & aji butter


    Corn & Jalapeño Cheese Croquettes

    Serrano Salt


    Crispy Potato Skins

    smoked chilli romesco


    Smoked Potato Mash

    charred onions


    BBQ Corn Salad

    habanero pebre, pico de gallo & herbs


    Manchego Cheese (40gms)

    quince jelly and sesame chipa bread


    Dips & Hickory Chips

    black bean chipotle hummus & pico de gallo


  • Pablo Honey Cocktails

    We let the results speak for themselves.

    Pablo's List


    The Pornstar

    Vanilla infused tequila, white chocolate & passionfruit shaken with ruby red grapefruit will leave you with a pleasant little surprise in your mouth!


    Mexican Mule

    Jalapeño infused tequila combined with fresh lime and ginger beer, this is something everyone will wanna get involved in. So refreshing!!


    Red Hot Chilli Pepper

    Lemongrass and chilli infused tequila is combined with vanilla liqueurs and ginger beer. Top that off with a cinnamon float and this cocktail is sure to take you around the world….


    Pomegranate Royale

    The Kir Royale has been transformed with pomegranate tequila, sparkling wine and real pomegranates. Move over Kir Royale, the new kid is in town!


    Speedy Gonzalez

    Its like an espresso martini….but better. Try Pablo's version of the espresso martini. Its got a hint of chocolate with a chilli bite at the end. Trust me, you won’t be disappointed!


    Fashionable Pablo

    Anejo tequila fused with cherry, orange and bitters. If you’re a tequila fan you don’t want to go past this little bad boy. Viva Mexico!


    Tequila Sangre

    Blood orange, Tequila and orgeat with a hint of chilli. A cocktail akin to running down the streets of Pamplona, will sure to get the blood boiling.


    Tequila Southside

    Anejo Tequila, Mint and Raspberries blended together for a twist on the original southside. Sour and sweet at the same time... Delicious!


    Honey's List


    Pablo’s Blossom

    A zingy blend of gin, lychee and cranberry all combine in this snow cone like drink to top off a beautiful summers afternoon



    The pearfect way to end the day or to even start the night. This lovely blend of Absolut Pears along with elderflower and apple will put you in the right mood


    Black Velvet

    Looks can be deceiving but this dark and seductive cocktail has a sweet side. Driven by vodka and finished with banana, don't judge a book by its cover!


    Summer Splice

    Just as the name suggests, this summer beauty will take you back to your younger years of enjoying a splice on a hot summers day. Limoncello combined with vanilla liquors, lemon & cream. Delish!


    Lemon Tree

    White rum has never tasted better with passionfruit and Chambord. Mint creates the herbaceous tree that will smack you in the mouth with flavour!


    Berry Cherry

    Who would’ve thought that bourbon could taste this good!! Bourbon is matched up here with fresh berries and cherry liqueur. It’s cherry ripe for a drinkin…


    The Nelson - Rum Raisin

    Inspired by our friends up the road. The name suggests it tastes exactly how its called. Spiced rum and Pedro Ximénez is combined here to bring these flavours to life


    The Hustler

    A summer fantastic from flowers and fruit. Coming all the way from London, the creator, Phil Yates threw this one together. Summer is here, and it is in a glass


    2 Apples

    Vodka, ginger, honey, cognac and apple shaken... Adam and Eve would be proud of what Pablo has done


    Blood Orange Spiced Daiquiri

    Spiced rum, Cointreau and Blood Orange in a chilled glass poured over a single rock. The citrus blast will knock your socks off...


    Twisted Classics List


    It’s a Shamble

    Fresh berries, Tanqurey gin and lime shaken over crushed ice with a splash of Chambord, garnished with fresh berries and mint sprig.


    Pablo's Orgasm

    You will go weak at the knees with this old school creamy dream. A delicious mix of Baileys, Kahlua & Amaretto. Pablo makes this even more orgasmic with a garnish from an aussie favourite, order one and find out what it is.


    Twisted Mojito

    A little in house classic that will refresh the driest of pallet, Vanilla Vodka muddled with lime, mint and sugar and topped with crisp apple juice.


    Singapore Bling

    The Ding-a-Ling... is how this rolls off your tounge, however we have taken this to the present year, Brian Brown would be popping bottles with this magic classic.


    Raspberry Cosmo

    A twist on the old classic. Raspberry vodka, cointreau and cranberry juice all smashed together to bring a refreshing taste to St Kilda this summer


    Strong Island

    All the white spirits mixed together in this bad boy that will be sure to get your night off to a good start!!



    Pablo has bought this classic to life! Spiced Rum, red wine, lemonade, and a few cheeky herbs and spices has never tasted so good



    A blast from the past is where this creamy cocktail will take you! The name says it all with Baileys, Kahlua, Frangelico & a touch of honey. A creamy blast of whipped cream and a cheeky triangle of chocolate to finish.


    Watermelon Caiprioska

    Vodka, Midori, Cointreau and Watermelon mixed and served with a popsicle. Its like being a kid on the beach again...


    Bloody Maria

    The bar has been raised with this classic. All the usual suspects with Pablo adding his own secret herbs and spices. Be prepared to never be able to drink a normal Bloody Mary again!


    Margarita's List


    Pablo's Margarita

    Pablo's very own margarita. The classic made any way you wanted. On the rocks, straight up or frozen. Let Pablo take you on a trip to Mexico!


    Spicy Margarita

    Jalapeño infused tequila, Cointreau, lemon and orange bitters mixed up and served on the rocks. Will be sure to get the heart racing!


    Watermelon & Chilli Margarita

    Inspired by the little man that drives around with bags of watermelon and little sachets of sugar and chilli, well we've put this into an alcoholic version. Refreshing with a dash of spice!


    Coconut Margarita

    Tequila, lemon and coconut are married up in this little summer beauty to take your senses to a place they wished they were from.


    Pineapple Jalapeño Margarita

    A perfect mix of sweet and spicy, this beautiful summer number will make you forget winter was ever a thing! Fresh and fruity with a little jalapeño kick!


    Passionfruit Mandarin Margarita

    Two summer fruits that combine perfectly with tequila and lemon. the zest of the passionfruit and the sweetness of the mandarin will entice the tastebuds into wanting just one more...


    Pomegranate Margarita

    Pomegranate infused tequila, lemon, lime and orange bitters shaken and poured over ice. A super drink created from a super food!


    Cucumber & Mint Margarita

    Two components that normally mix perfectly with gin has been transferred to the margarita list to be mixed with tequila and its a real hit! This little bad boy will definitely quench your thirst.


    Tommys Margarita

    Originally invented by Julio Bermejo At Tommy's Mexican Restaurant in San Francisco, the simple combination of Arette tequila, lime juice & agave syrup is a classic for a reason.


    Sours List


    Mezcal Sour

    Lightly smoked mezcal tequila combined with lemon juice, agave syrup & orange bitters will send you to another place


    Pisco Sour

    Pisco, lemon juice, sugar & egg white combined & finished with the traditional bitters dash. This South American classic always hits the spot!


    Amaretto Sour

    Combining citrus flavours with Amaretto and everyones favourite maraschino cherries, it's always a great way to start or finish the night


    Whiskey Sour

    Everybody's number one! Whiskey is complimented with the usual suspects of lemon juice, sugar & egg white. Bottoms up!!


    British Sour

    Did someone say refreshing? Gin is the hero here, along with the addition of Fiorente Elderflower & ginger liqueur, you've definitely got your thirst quenched right here


    Ancho Libre Sour

    This spicy number combines spiced rum and Ancho Chilli liqueur. If you like a bit of a bang, give this one a try. You won't be disappointed!!


    Aperol & Mandarin Sour

    This tongue tingling concoction is the new kid on the block! Aperol & Mandarine Napoleon bring this delicate sensation to life


    Smoked Plum Mezcal Sour

    You won't find this anywhere else... Mezcal Tequila perfectly married with cold smoked sweet plums, black cherries & citrus. This will blow your mind and you won't find it anywhere else but Pablo Honey


    Purple Haze

    Straight from the mean streets of NYC. This classic bourbon based sour is finished off with a shiraz float. It would definitely make Jimi Hendrix proud


    Blood Orange Sour

    As it says in the title, this is a combination of Cointreau Blood Orange, citrus fruits & orange bitters. A tart mix that will send your tastebuds into a crazed euphoria


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  • The Cartel



    The boys would love to have you down for dinner or simply a cheeky drink or two.


    Pablo Honey is the brain-child of these long time friends and seasoned hospitality amigos.

    For well over a decade and many bottles of Tequila, it was always in their grasp to create a venue that has all the qualities that a venue needs for every social occasion.Beautiful food matched with innovative cocktails in an environment that is

    warm and entertaining.


    The Menu is designed so you can explore many flavours, small share plates so you don't have to stop at one as well as large share plates for the more adventurous.

    Become part of the Pablo movement and join our cartel.


    Russell McKenzie

    New Zealand born, and natural to all things sport and hospitality, he is a natural entertainer with an ever-approachable charisma.

    Melbourne has since become his home, where he has been involved in some of the city’s best bars.


    Brad Jones

    He poured his first beer in Brisbane, however London beckoned and that’s where he became a part of an elite group of bartenders at the renowned Roadhouse in Covent Garden.

    Since leaving London he has been involved with Melbourne’s most popular hot spots.


    Mat Carpenter

    He built his career in the West End of London.

    After seven years of working at some of the world’s best venues, the golden shores of Australia became his final stop.

    Melbourne is now his home where he has been involved in fine dining restaurants, gastro pubs, cocktail bars and nightclubs.


    Azza Mondo

    Aaron Owen first started his career in London. He then found himself running popular venues in Switzerland, Canada and Berlin.

    Born and bred in Melbourne, this is where he has been running some of the city’s busiest venues.

    If Aaron isn’t operating in hospitality you would most likely see him jumping from airplanes boasting well over 300 jumps.


    Lachy Cashman - Excutive Chef

    Lachy is a longtime member of the Pablo cartel,

    He has been Head Chef at some of the country’s most highly acclaimed restaurants.

    His background and passion is modern Australian cuisine, consistently breaking new ground in Spanish, South East Asian flavors and the dry aging of meats.



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